New Rock Academy is something a little different and provides opportunities for music education far beyond the conventional mainstream music syllabus. New Rock Academy is something a little different and provides opportunities for music education far beyond the conventional mainstream music syllabus. New Rocks’ non-profit model provides a student-focussed supportive approach with the flexibility to meet our student’s needs

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Music Lessons for Individuals

Our program is developed around individuals, whether you’re just starting out and experimenting or looking at fine-tuning your developed skills. The New Rock Academy structure has been developed over a number of years by passionate musicians and industry professionals to provide a backbone educational structure that exceeds any mainstream service previously available.



Group Music Sessions

We know that music in schools has slipped way down, the list of priorities for education services, but not for us. We are continually developing our group sessions and taster days to challenge and put smiles on faces. As you would expect for this type of work all our tutors are trained in Data Protection and Safeguarding and hold Enhanced Disclosures, backed up by our own robust policies and operating standards.



Vocal coaching can provide a number of advantages, from breathing and posture to pronunciation and personal confidence. Within music, a strong vocal contribution can be the core of any performance with the ability to convey messages and emotions throughout the piece.



Learning any instrument can be hugely rewarding and lead to a diverse range of experiences and discoveries. One of the areas of personal pride for this project has been our ability to extend past our local area matching the best tutors to deliver targeted tuition from within a huge world of music. This personal student-centered approach allows us to help craft flexible musical pathways unique to the individual.


Writing & Composition

There is no right way to write music, lyrics and compose music but understanding structure form and timings can certainly make the experience less traumatic. From music theory to practical workshops the New Rock academy network includes legendary musicians and writers willing to share their experiences and creation tips.



A good understanding of the recording and mastering processes can really compliment and assist your creation of music taking your music from a concept to a studio-ready composition. Along with your musical development, New Rock has taken a wider view adding in additional supportive elements to help you develop your skills and build on experiences and opportunities.



Staging is not only a physical platform, but it is the center of every performance. Balancing positioning, power, and projection with lighting, structure, and performance. So whether it's just a better understanding of stage setup or a desire to put on a show to remember, with New Rock we have incorporated practical elements of staging and stage management into our standard music training options.



Your performance in many ways is the pinnacle and accumulation of all your hard work and training into putting on your greatest show. The principle behind what makes a good show is ensuring that your audience not only receives your message but feels the emotion behind it. From simple to dramatic New Rock can help you project your style and personality into every performance.


New Rock Community

New Rock has become a fast-paced project with a very dedicated expanding team of enthusiastic musicians and professionals. We have separated off the extent of our work to ensure that our website content stays relevant to that particular project. To find out more about this exceptional team and how this all came about please visit us at Team New Rock or get involved with our New Rock Community forum.Team New Rock website link

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